ReCaged is a futuristic 3D racing game featuring fast, heavily armed and unstoppable vehicles on challenging tracks. Written from scratch and taking much inspiration from the classic Rollcage games, ReCaged mixes jaw-dropping speeds with vehicular combat, building destruction, explosions and realistic physics in a gravity-defying adrenaline rush. The game is currently in development, but you can follow the development and try new updates as soon as they are made. And you are more than welcome to join us!

Last but not least, ReCaged is Free Software ("free" as in "freedom"), meaning:

  • No DRM or intentional limitations/locks. You can use it the way you want.
  • Complete access to sources for all code and assets. You can look under the hood, study and modify as much as you want.
  • You can share ReCaged freely: The entire game (modified or not), parts of it or even as part of your own program.

The only requirement is that you respect the license and allow the same freedom to those you share it with. See here for more details on this philosophy, and here for more information on the license.

25 Sep 2023

Version 0.7.1 released

A new release after a long absence.

As you might have guessed from the version number, it's not a big update: this is only some small tweaks to make the source build without errors and warnings on modern systems. This is mainly for historical preservation, in preparation for things to come...

In other news, I have been working on bigger updates from time to time over the years, especially this year. Some of which can already be found in the GIT repository.

/Mats ("Slinger")

2 Dec 2018

The forum is back online

In case anyone noticed, the forum has been down for a while. I took it offline for an update but never got around to finish it - it didn't look like anyone was using it anymore. But after I got an email about it, it's now up to date and back online. I hope people find it useful.

Mats ("Slinger")

31 Dec 2017

Sort of a 10 Year Anniversary post...

So... It has been a while! There is much to say after all this time. Oh, and the new website is finally done!

This year marks 10 years since ReCaged originally started, under the name RollCageX on the planetrollcage forum (back then my username was "1311219"). Rollcage and the Planet Rollcage forum meant a lot to me growing up (and through some hard times). So the chance of being part of making and new game and help give something back to the community that had given me so much was something special. That was early 2007 and I had originally aimed to have the new website you are looking at finished at the exact day of the 10 year anniversary. Together with preview/WIP builds of the current unfinished branches (future versions) and some text explaining what has been going on the last couple of years and what the future looks like. But life being the way it is, I was unable to meet my deadline. Ironically because of the same reasons I was going to explain in said text... Partially some medical stuff, leaving much less energy for side-projects, which caused lots of little things related to ReCaged to pile up and feel insurmountable (to the point where even just undoing some small but frustratingly stupid edits on wikipedia started feeling impossible and burdening).

So while it's wrong to say that this marks the exact 10 year anniversary, it still felt suitable to have the new website finished before the end of 2017. And it's finally done, just in time (after focusing entirely on finishing it over the last few days). My previous attempt to switching to Wolf CMS just added too much extra burden (stuck with an unfinished theme and another piece of software to keep updated). So I've gone back to my old hand-written site from Savannah. I've added new stuff, reworked most layout and design choices, and incorporated some of the things I'm happy with from my attempts on a theme for Wolf. That is: no more "absolute" positioning and no more green text on a black background (something I personally love but understand some people don't like). Also some translucency and rounded corners. Lots and lots of rounded corners. Also, I'm happy to say the site is now mobile-friendly with a responsive design. There are still some tweaks left, but at least now I don't have an unfinished website to worry about.

As for explaining the past and what the future looks like; I will, but it will have to wait. There is much to write and I will have to find the time and energy to do so. But in short: ReCaged is not dead, and I have not abandoned it. There are also long overdue replies to write to old emails and messages on the forum that did not deserve such neglect. I'm sorry for the complete absence for such a long time. And I'm truly thankful for everyone who has been part of this project over the years. To Jon/NosstaZenith, K.Mac, CodieMorgan, Spontificus, Endoman123, orgyia and many others I've shamefully forgotten to mention: Thank You.

So... let's see what the future brings? Happy new year, everyone.
Mats ("Slinger")

17 Apr 2013

ReCaged got a new website!

ReCaged now got a new website, complete with a forum:

The hosting is kindly provided by TuxFamily: tuxfamily.org

The git and download repositories will remain on Savannah, which will probably also be used to host a bug tracker in the future.

Kind Regards!
/Mats ("Slinger")

22 Jan 2012

Important note to Debian Squeeze (Stable) users

There seems to be a problem with how the package "libode1" was compiled, which causes a simulation error on collisions between two trimeshes (causes version 0.7.0 of ReCaged to appear to terminate at start). Here are three different solutions to the problem (choose the one you want):

  • Recompile ode (recommended): "cd /tmp; apt-get source libode1; sudo apt-get build-dep libode1; cd ode-0.11.1; dpkg-buildpackage; sudo dpkg -i ../libode1_0.11.1-3_amd64.deb"
  • Install libode1 from Debian Wheezy (testing)
  • Disable the affected object (a tetrahedron) in RC: remove the last two lines from "recaged/git/data/worlds/Sandbox/tracks/Box/objects.lst"

If you experience any other problem(s), under any distro, please don't hesitate to send me an email!

/Mats ("Slinger")

29 Aug 2011

Version 0.7.0 released

That's right! After more than a year, a new version is finally ready!

Unfortunately (for the project, that is) I'm now studying again so there will not be a lot of activity for some time. But eventually I'm hoping to be able to continue (with autoconf, inno setup and lua scripting being my top priorities).

If you want to contact me, just decipher the following: "rcxslinger <a in a ring> gmail <dot> com". I might not respond on the same day, but I will reply eventually.

To all fellow rollcagers of gorcx.net: I hope Jon will get the site up and running again, especially the forum. Or a backup of the forum posts (for migration/archiving). Because while Savannah will be used for most project-related stuff, like:

  • News
  • Nownloads (releases)/videos/screenshots
  • GIT repository
  • Bug tracker
  • Mailing list

It can not provide a new forum and off-topic discussions, so we will have to look elsewhere for that...

At some point I'll add links to some external resources, like:

  • Wiki (really need to document everthing, as soon as possible)
  • Forum (if gorcx doesn't come back)

And I should probably add a FAQ... Just send me any questions you have until then.

... And probably a video section... But would need to find some suitable music.

/Mats ("Slinger")