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ReCaged is a futuristic racing/demolition/vehicular combat game. It’s a free/libre/open remake of the 90s Rollcage games with modern graphics, realistic physics and a high-tempo driving experience similar to the original games.

Some of its main features:

  • Rigid body dynamics using Open Dynamics Engine with custom additions (such as air/liquid drag and geom/body/joint damage)
  • Custom tyre friction model inspired by Pacejka “Magic Formula” (an industry standard for realistic tyre friction simulations)
  • Supports many platforms, successfully tested (and not limited to): Most GNU variants and BSDs (debian GNU/Linux, debian GNU/kFreeBSD, fedora, arch, openbsd, freebsd…), Windows and OS X (starting with the upcoming 0.8.0 release)
  • High performance 3D graphics with support for very large triangle counts and details
  • Can load 3D models from Wavefront “.obj” files and custom “.road” files for both rendering and collision detection
  • Support for loading/spawning/removing “objects” (tracks, cars, weapons, buildings and other obstacles) at runtime

Future features will include music and sound effects using ogg vorbis and opus, lua scripting for just about everything (including total conversion mods), and an in-game package manager.

Right now we are looking for 3D designers and mappers. Are you interested in coming up with new ideas, help out or in any other way shape the future of the game? Head over to Our Forum! (or send me an email)

Also check out the ReCaged page on Savannah!

Big things are about to happen

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Posted by Slinger on Sun, 5 Oct 2014